Olympic legend Johnson excited for LA to host 2028 Games

13 septiembre 2017 13:34

Four-time gold medallist Michael Johnson is thrilled at the prospect of Los Angeles hosting the Olympic Games in 2028.

LA will be officially announced as the host city for those Games today, while Paris is set to be confirmed as the venue for the 2024 edition.

Johnson won the double of 200 and 400 metre gold the last time the Olympics were held in the United States, in Atlanta in 1996, and he believes LA - which played host in 1984 - will put on a great show.

"It's very exciting. I mean Los Angeles is such an amazing city with an amazing connection to the Olympic Games," he said.

"Most of the citizens of Los Angeles are excited about the Games and excited to bring the Games back to Los Angeles. So this is a victory for Los Angeles. We're very, very excited about it and I'm excited to be a part of that team.

"I think the closer we get to the Games, when 2020 [in Tokyo] arrives I think that'll be an exciting time for everyone, getting into the Olympic spirit, supporting the US team but also knowing the Games are coming here in eight years time.

"So I think that with those Games taking place in the interim, it's going to maintain that level of excitement. Also with the 11-year timeframe before we host the Games, it gives us an opportunity to do some exciting things in the community, get young kids inspired and excited about the Games to come."

Johnson's last outing at the Olympics came in Sydney in 2000, where he successfully defended his 400m title, but the 50-year-old will have no feelings of envy towards any competitors when the Games return to US soil in 2028.

"It's been a while since I participated. I've had four Games now to have been bummed so no, I'm good," he said.

"I had my time and I enjoyed the three Games I had an opportunity to participate in. I was fortunate to be able to participate in one in the US. I was fortunate, very lucky."

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